Massage Facial

The skin is full of vitality, the vitality of Korean girls is always the desire of many beauty believers. And to get that beauty is a meticulous process of skincare. In addition to dozens of skin care procedures with many different products, facial massage is currently warmly welcomed by devotees because it is not expensive.

In addition to a weekly facial mask, facial massage is one of the methods to reduce stress and relaxation for the skin, saving the best time.

Benefits of facial massage

Facial Massage is a therapy that helps to rejuvenate the skin but is also a skin exercise that helps to lift the face naturally. Stimulates blood circulation better, supports antioxidant, aging and facial wrinkle removal.

When facial skin is massaged regularly, it will increase the elasticity of the muscles, creating a good barrier to anti-aging skin. The massage movements work to reduce dark circles, restore and brighten the skin, bringing out the inherent smooth skin. Besides, massage movements promote excretion on the face, remove dead skin cells, cure chronic insomnia for a long time.

Raw herbs & vegetables selected by themselves

Rice Bran: Rice bran is known for a specialized mask for oily skin, good alkaline and tightened pores. If regular use of rice bran from 1-2 times / week will prevent the risk of skin aging. Long-term sun-exposed skin will become dark and dark, and rice bran is one of the beauty’s choices.

Black Turmeric: Black turmeric is an excellent exfoliant and can also help you fly aging. Black turmeric can be used with different ingredients to manage wrinkles on the skin. There is a great thing from technology that everyone knows is to remove the bruises left by acne in a great way.

Oats: Oats are a kind of benign “natural cosmetics” and have many great beauty benefits such as exfoliation, moisture balance, skin whitening, and also help believers. Beauty weight loss effectively.

Rice Sprout Milk: Known Rice Sprout Milk with a special treatment for dark pigmentation caused by UV rays. Ceramide in the rice germ moisturizes the skin, helps smooth skin, reduces the oxidation of tissues, slows down aging, creating a structure of healthy skin and beautiful young.

Carrots: Carrots contain Vitamin A, vitamin C, large fiber and xơ-carotene antioxidants that can whiten the skin. The rich Pectin in carrots can help eliminate harmful substances in the human body.

Tomato: Tomato is a beauty vegetable that is very popular for women to help achieve natural white skin. It is very good for oily skin and has blackheads. The skin can be improved by vitamin C and skin pigmentation changes light up depending on the amount done

Potatoes: Potatoes are always made in the first choice list of women, not only helps bright skin smooth remove dark spots but also anti-aging skin, balancing moisture for skin in a great way.

Suffering: Past suffering is known for its quick beauty by using high-gauge, quickly eliminating dark pigments, skin becomes smooth and pink like twenties

Basic facial massage process at Rice Sprout Spa

Step 1: Perform a make-up with pure olive oil to clean the dirt or cosmetic nutrients on your face.

Step 2: Exfoliating the skin with honey yogurt to remove dirt on the skin that still clings after removing makeup, eliminating toxins while helping the skin absorb maximum nutrients

Step 3: Remove dead skin cells with brown sugar, coconut oil

Step 4: Face steam

Step 5: Suction sebum and acne bran deep cleanses pores, promoting oxygen exchange

Step 6: Relax essential oils

Step 7: Massage, pressing acupuncture points to help blood circulation in the facial skin with grape seed oil

Step 8: Wipe your face with a hot towel and apply a mask

Step 9: Massage your head 10 ‘

Step 10: Wipe the mask and finish the procedure


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