Serum for acne treatment Derice – 290k

“Goodbye acne, welcome Tet”

For a long time, home beauties have been effective in 48 hours of acne, none other than Derice Acne Special Serum.

I am extracted from 8 combination herbs, capable of penetrating deep into each layer of skin cells, promoting effective acne quickly.

If White Willow Bark has analgesic, anti-inflammatory properties, the triad of Rosemary, Hazelnut and Thanh Duoc has the effect of refining oil, venting pores, healing the infected wound for a long time and repelling 100% hidden acne.

Besides, Ngoc Sam will support nutrients to penetrate deep into the skin, restore the function of eliminating toxins. Bach Hong Don is rich in vitamins, helping to nourish the skin more firm, ruddy.

And to own a smooth, soft skin, it must be mentioned licorice, the last pin of this Serum will definitely not be without Green Tea Leaf. The oxidants in her have antibacterial properties, which help firm the skin and prevent acne from coming back.

Remember to drop your heart and share it in order to say goodbye to the house product.

Product capacity: 10ml

Price: 290k

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