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Everyone is always looking forward to possessing pink and white skin, smooth and full of vitality to be confident to shine. To be able to achieve that wish, you certainly cannot skip the whole body scrub.

What is exfoliating?

Dead cells are old horn layers or cell layers and make your care less effective. It breaks down the nourishing structures of the cosmetics you are using. If you leave this layer of horn on your face, it will create a thick wall that makes your skin rough, uncomfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Normally, our skin always occurs in the peeling process, falling off old cells gives way to new cells, but there are many reasons that old cells cannot peel themselves off, so bleaching Dead skin will remove dead cells on the skin, creating new, softer, brighter and more beautiful skin. This is an important step of skin care to help push away dead cells, clean pores, leave skin regenerated, absorb better nutrients from natural nutrients to help you possess white, pink skin. Smooth and radiant tension.

For older girls, this process does not happen completely naturally. The cells cannot peel off on their own, so your skin is getting more rough, not smooth. It also annoys you when you touch your skin. Therefore, women aged 25 and older should pay more attention to the issue of body scrubs.

How long is Exfoliating reasonable?

According to research by experts in body care, it is recommended to exfoliate once a week. But that is only based on the results of the majority. Because depending on the condition of the skin that is prone to irritation or frequent exposure to dirt, it is recommended to do it twice a week. Most of them are still once a week, which is best for all skin types. Because when you exfoliate too much, your skin will become thinned, leading to sunburn or weakening. In addition, the skin has not yet formed a barrier that protects your skin from harmful agents around the environment.

Besides, areas like elbows or knees need to be taken care of, people often ignore these parts. In fact, these are the parts that touch and rub with the environment containing many layers of dead skin. So, you need to clean it thoroughly in these areas to give yourself a fair skin.

Raw materials with Herb

With natural ingredients in herbs, it will absorb many nutrients that are good for skin and human health. In addition to being a medicine, it also helps to eliminate dead cells, prevent aging, and whiten skin effectively and safely.

“Exfoliating Bar” Process
Step 1: Purify dead skin with some ingredients of green tea herbs, rice bran, oats, pure honey, mineral salts, pentagrams … along with pure fresh milk to provide moisture and Essential nutrients for skin.

Step 2: Bathe in warm shower to stimulate blood circulation to reduce stress for skin.

Step 3: Apply Lotion to your skin.

Especially, after the busy days with life, relax and beautify, enjoy comfortable moments, regain the inspiration to start the next working day chain will surely make you more satisfied. now.

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