Facial Scalp Nourishing Hair Wash

The Facial Scalp Nourishing Hair Wash focuses on improving blood circulation, targeting acupuncture points on the face and head, and massaging to enhance blood circulation. It effectively addresses issues such as cerebral anemia and oxygen deficiency, promoting a relaxed and refreshed state of mind, and starting the day with alertness and energy.

The comprehensive herbal hair wash process at Mầm’s place consists of 6 steps:

Step 1: Herbal Scalp Nourishing Hair Wash

Step 2: Clearing the Meridians with a Comb

Step 3: Electric Violet Comb

Step 4: Acupressure – Promoting Blood Circulation in the Face and Head

Step 5: Mineral Hair Mist – Hair Tonic, Hair Oil, Blow-drying

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