Traditional Thai Massage

The fast-paced life requires us to concentrate a lot of energy to accomplish well, sometimes too much pressure, stress and tired body, we don’t know how to relieve. Don’t worry too much, there are Thai massage therapies to help you regain the relaxed and relaxed spirit, effectively dispel fatigue.

How is this therapy?

Thai massage includes the methods of synthesizing yoga and the effects of acupressure, the acupuncture points on the body of the acupuncture method according to traditional Chinese medicine. It is an easy combination that brings wonderful effects directly on the acupuncture points to support diseases of the joints, digestive system, strong relaxation effect on the nervous system, helps bring blood to the brain, and effective stress relief.

Effect of Traditional Thai Massage therapy

Help blood circulation well.
Helps the body increase the ability to eliminate toxins.
Create a feeling of absolute relaxation.
Reduce muscle tension, improve the meridians.
Adding an abundant source of energy to the body, the spirit becomes more comfortable and better.



Traditional Thai Massage Process

Step 1: The massage technician will open the acupuncture points to push toxins out of the body.

Step 2: Perform stretching movements – massage – muscle tension – pressing acupuncture points – squeezing deeply into muscle and joints, with ventricular and nervous systems. Dispel fatigue with many direct movements on the body, giving a sense of effective relief, helping the body be gentle.

Step 3: Rotate and apply your shoulders – apply eye bags with herbal bags, relax the eye-shoulder areas effectively.

Step 4: Perform pull-pull movements – massage – muscle tension – press acupuncture points – squeeze on the front and close the whole body.

Step 5: Massage the head to circulate blood vessels to the brain, reduce headaches, reduce stress, stress.

Step 6: Perform stretching movements – bend in the sitting position.

Note: Thai Massage process requires customers to really relax their bodies to achieve maximum efficiency.

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