Face Heat Cold Restores Collagen Tao Tuyet #395k

“Never leave Mam Gao”

?? Girls who normally like to eat, like shopping, like to beautify their styles. Anyway, this girl’s daughter likes everything except for each deadline.

? After the Halloween season, everyone went to work and asked why they still have the heart and soul ??? If you want to ask, ask the deadline to torture the whole week, not to visit the house to take care of your skin.

?? Sitting and working, I kept thinking of Combo White Rose to make a debut for Face vs Body in Mos Rice, my skin is being burned but I think that making Combo like it?

❄️ Cold Heat Face Algae Collagen Snow only # 395k (Member # 295k)

? Snow Algae is a valuable functional food from the ocean because in Snow Algae contains a lot of essential nutrients for the skin of vitamins A1, B1, B6, .. and folic acid, niaci. In addition, it also contains many minerals such as Ca, Mn, P, Fe. Therefore, Algae helps healthy skin and maintains functional epidermis, prevents and removes wrinkles, blurs pigmentation, freckles and tightens pores effectively. Besides, Tao Tuyet also holds an important position in preventing skin aging, giving skin a youthful appearance.

❄️ White Face Pink Men Vi Sinh only # 383k (Member # 255k)


Microbiological yeast helps to eliminate toxins, whiten the skin thanks to the ability to limit the production of melanin in the body. Therefore, Microbiological Glaze helps skin stay healthy and maintain functional epidermis, prevent and remove wrinkles, blurring and blemishes, extremely effective freckles. Not only bring bright pink skin, Vi Sinh Men also hold a position that is not small in preventing skin aging.

?? Bath White Body Boyak Tea Leaf Tibetan only # 389k (Member # 285k)

? Characteristics of this Boyak Tea Leaf moisturize very well, promote metabolism, nourish bright skin completely from nature to help skin resist ultraviolet rays and skin allergies. Controlling the formation of black pigments on the skin, preventing the appearance of dark spots.

? Pink Face Combo & Body only # 699k (Member # 499k)

?? What do you think if you combine these two advanced courses into a Combo ??? Will definitely sweep the house like this coming storm.

? Only applicable within 03 days: 01.02 & 03.11.19

?? Now there is no deadline, half of it, go to the side and go visit Moses right away. Christmas, New Year, New Year What is coming soon. My job is to just shine, leaving the other to worry

? Guest cmt #khongnhantip and tag any of his 3 friends
? Guests like and share post Fanpage
? After experiencing the completed procedure, please remember to check in and check in at the house
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