Aroma Massage: Essential Oil Massage – Relaxing Serum

Body relaxation massage is one of the excellent therapeutic solutions that effectively helps relax both the mind and body. With the pressures of life and stressful work, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with thoughts and the solution to rebalance our health and reduce stress is going to a spa.

The term “Aroma” may seem unfamiliar to many, so let’s explore this massage method together with Sunyata:

Since ancient times, some European countries have known how to use essential oils combined with manual techniques to enhance the body’s regulation process. Through centuries, this has evolved into the modern Aroma Massage therapy. In Asia, Japan is the birthplace of this highly developed massage art.

  • Aroma Massage is a delicate combination of gentle massage techniques and the aroma of essential oils, providing comfort and relaxation.
  • This method primarily uses stroking, circular movements, gentle pressure, and sweeping motions on the body. This method has significant benefits for the body:

Stimulating metabolic processes, improves blood and lymph circulation. Reduces symptoms of pain, inflammation, and chronic aches. Enhances the elimination of toxins through the lungs, kidneys, and skin. Improves body shape and increases flexibility in muscles and joints, especially for those experiencing signs of aging in the bones and joints.

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