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* Swedish Essential Oil Massage (60 minutes): The therapy is performed with warm hands by the method of pressing, acupressure, direct muscle contraction in the back, shoulder – neck, arms, legs and head.
* Thai Yoga Massage Therapy (75 minutes): You need to be comfortable, relax, breathe and relax your body. Specialists perform activities according to Traditional Medicine from Thailand, affecting the whole body, stretching, tensing muscles and acupuncture points.
* Hot Stone Energy Release Massage Therapy (75 minutes): Sunyata applies heat preservation from mountain rocks (basalt) combined with experience in acupuncture points. Set up to the hand area, the belt warms the acupuncture points and using the massage stone handle will help deeper treatment without pressure to help lower back muscles, stress, sleep better, ….
All these methods combined with the signature scent from Sunyata Retreat Hill Spa help you restore energy and relax many times deeper.
Hotline: 091 775 75 09
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