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???? BUY 01 GET 01 ????
Dispelling fatigue of the body, regaining energy for the spirit, going to a body massage spa is a great choice. BECAUSE OF:
– Someone to talk to relieve stress
– The scent of lemongrass, ginger, and cinnamon helps to activate the nervous system and keep the spirit awake.
– Acupressure massage helps to clear congestion and relieve tension in the muscles of the shoulders, neck and back.
– Blood circulation reduces numbness of hands and feet.
– Check in with Hashtag #Body_massage_hair_wash and tag 1 friend in the post
– Price & time of service Free < Price & time of service to buy
#Sunyata_Spa is very happy to welcome you, Please call 0917 75 75 09 before coming so that Sunyata can prepare a thoughtful welcome!
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