???????? # Free_Massage_Annition_End_Fire_Collect

When using the skin whitening procedure, Bach Vi Royal Palace 590k
????3TR6 10 times the service of 600k – Full member privileges
???? Spin the lottery 100%
ITake 2 people # with a discount of 100,000 VND
3Take 3 people #day 200k reduction
????The program is applied 1-2-3 September 2019 ????
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# Spa_Food_Nav_Tp_HCM
This time, the festival will surely be empty, the Cong Hoa street will not be congested. People and family went to the holidays, did she have any plans?
???????? Wearing really nice clothes down the street with her, or shopping all day. Or is…. Visit Mam retouching the skin, smooth for a morning to confidently walk around for beauty. In addition, coming back to Mam is about nature, with a quiet space from the aroma of citronella, to the 100% natural ingredients. With a staff of dedicated, loving careers will take care of her from head to toe like a queen.
???????? Regain ruddy, healthy skin after a long holiday. Visit Sprout to use the offer:
Free #Free massage with acupressure on neck and shoulder – When using facial treatment # Bach_Hoang_Cung
☑️ In addition, customers can also spin the lucky wheel (applied for the next use), winning 100% of the following prizes:
100 Voucher 100k (apply service> 60p)
???? Vocuher 200k (service applies> 75p)
???? Vocuher 300k (applies with service> 80p)
???? White ginseng shower face only 299k (original price 490k)
???? Use 1 service Free 1 service (for face and body bath)
???? Take 1 person Free 1 person (apply facial service and white body bath)
#Don’t use_program_summings
Spa Sprouts, Loving Yourself From Ordinary Things ..!
Hoa Hoa Lan branch: 69 Hoa Lan, P2, Q. Phu Nhuan
☎️: 0917 311 318
Bình Binh Thanh Branch: 135/47 Nguyen Huu Canh, Ward 22, Binh Thanh District
☎️: 0917 75 75 09
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